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Name:RPG/Karaoke Adam/Etc.
Birthdate:Jan 1



This journal exists solely for personal entertainment and roleplaying shenanigans. I am in no way affiliated with/endorsed by/known by Zeddie Little, The Photographer, or all of the anonymous people who contributed to the Ridiculously Photogenic Guy meme phenomenon. Images have been pilfered via google and I claim no ownership over the content that appears in said images or the various icon keywords (although I did spend, like, an hour in Photoshop trying out different crops and filters, so yeah, I didn't steal those entirely).

The idea of Karaoke Adam is not mine. If, however, I am, at some point, insane enough to roleplay him as an entity who is independent of Zeddie Little/Ridiculously Photogenic Guy, I totally have dibs on whatever stupid backstory I make up and will profit only in lulz.

I mean no disrespect to Zeddie Little, who is a Real Human Being and not a meme or a fictional character. I'm just borrowing his face. Thanks, Zeddie, for having a Ridiculously Photogenic face and for being such a good sport about your Internet Fame.

Interests (28):

being ridiculously photogenic, charity, cooking, eating, gastronomy, good jokes, health, healthy living, jogging, karaoke, kittens, long walks in the park, marathons, music, neil degrasse tyson, plugging charities, positivity, restaurants, running, saving the economy, saving the world, science, singing, sitting in the moonlight, smiling, staring out onto the sea, volunteer services, web development
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